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If we only told you the total number of deletions, we'd only be telling you half of the story. Get the whole story and see for yourself. Start today and start experiencing life with better credit. We offer a refund policy and services cancellation policy. Our service is backed by a refund policy which entitles you to some or all of your money back if enough disputed items are not removed. Put simply, we don't believe you should have to pay for ineffective service. Sometimes it may not matter who you are, how hard you work, or what dreams you have, all that matters is one little number: your credit score.

A credit report is not a paper file kept in one place at a credit reporting bureau. This is part of the reason correcting credit errors can be so frustrating. The credit reporting bureaus have all your information saved in a particular format in a big, interconnected data-base. Your information is maintained with everyone else's. When a credit reporting bureau receives information from creditors and others, it all goes into one big "vat" of information or a few different vats owned by affiliated companies. When a business inquires into or "pulls" your credit report, a search program or algorithm pulls information from this vat based on your "personal identifiers" such as your name, address, date of birth and social security number.

Mr. Credit offers quality services and unparallel results, drawing on its many years of experience of helping thousand of clients fix their credit reports. Service consultations are free and secure.

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